Generate your own PRIVATE Facebook Status Review of the Year

At this time of year, every seems to post status updates that condense their year of posts into a single line, or graphic. Unfortunately, every one that does it uses a Facebook app which (usually) makes a copy of all their (and sometimes your!) accessible data!

Since I don't want to give me data to these people... but I'm still curious about my year... I wrote this page to do a similar job. And it doesn't steal anything!

The process is:

  1. Go to your Facebook settings page
  2. Click on the 'Download a copy' link
  3. Wait for the archive to be built, and extract its contents
  4. Open the file html/wall.htm into a text editor, and copy+paste the contents into the box below
  5. Click on one of the processing links below. The Javascript on the page will process your update locally on your machine, so no data appears anywhere else!

Disclaimer: I wrote this for myself. It works on my timeline, in English. I haven't checked anything else. Also, the code is a hack and might not be updated with anyone's suggestioned - but I'm always happy to receive them at marquisdegeek@gmail dt com.

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