I used to tinker with electronics as a child, since my dad was an electronics engineer. He built an electronic organ when I was younger, so I persuaded him to help me build a synthesizer (since I’d rather perform in a Kraftwerk tribute band than Bach!). Soon after, I discovered computers (a ZX81) and how they made it easier to control the electronic devices I was making. This lead to lots of software development and various software/hardware projects (mostly robots), until the Arduino made it possible to automate my home which was when things really took off for me.

In 2017, O'Reilly featured me in their Maker Spotlight as one of the most prominent makers in the world... who was willing to be interviewed for their magazine.... at short notice! You can read my piece one this Maker Spotlight page .

Below are a few of my other projects.

Freddie Mercury portrait from beer caps
Freddie Mercury
Spin table
Spin Table
PiStack (Synths and emulators)
LEGO Design Museum
Reversed Reversi
Guitar Strummer
Homemade Hawking
Crystal radio set
Sir Clive Sinclair Portrait
Kit Kat Bench
Mens Jewelry Stand
MAME Cabinet
Dr Who
Hacking Rock Band
Maker Home
Arduino Lego Tannerin
The World's Most Expensive Chess Set
The Rule Organ
Custom CD Clock