This is a near-complete list of my publicly available creations, all built during the lockdowns of 2021.

Instead of creating something new (but small) every week, I created something larger monthly.

I also took time to create a total of 9 lectures, on emulation, retrocomputers, and programmable telecomms.

In brief...

Video : 1 film soudtrack

LEGO : 5 models and videos

Magic : A new act

Music : 6 musical items

Making : 2 new categories of things I made


I was so busy during 2021, I only had the time to compose one film soundtrack! And this is it!

Trip to the Moon

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I decided to write a film score.

I decided to use one synthesizer.

The synthesizer in question can play only one note at a time.

This is the result...

The score is for the 1902 silent film "A Trip to the Moon" by Georges Méliès, and lasts just over 14 minutes. By taking an out-of-copyright film I could do anything I liked with it, and being originally silent I wouldn't be adversely influenced by prior (audio) art.

I was first inspired after seeing "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Colin Z. Robertson's outfit "Hands of Ruin" but that was back in 2012, when I didn't consider competent enough to write a soundtrack. I still don't. But in 2020 I was bought a Modal CraftSynth. A nice enough monophonic synth but, compared my other kit, something more like a toy. However, by using _only_ that single monophonic synth gave the pessimistic doubter in me an excuse if it didn't turn out well, and the limitations of the device allowed me to explore more tonal textures than I might otherwise have done.

So, armed with some free time, software, and a lot of over-dubbing, I got to work. Ultimately I spent 100 hours or so making this video, so I hope you like it. (Or, at least, appreciate the effort that went into making it!)


For more models, please visit my LEGO page

Headz - Tutankhamun

Following on from last years scale model of his tomb, I attempted this micro version of the death mask.

Headz - Minion

The perfect character for this type of build. Unfortunately, I lacked any yellow smooth bits, so he looks like he's got rather bad ache!

Microscale Copter

An new design using only the bricks from an existing 3-in-1 set.

Magic Ali

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An classic magic trick, rebuilt in LEGO.

The Mandolorian

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Stop motion live build of characters from The Mandolorian.


In October 2021 I finally took to the stage, since the first lockdown. For this I created a brand new mind reading act which was totally socially distanced, and created a thing with a box which (for those that saw it) is a showstopped!

Pentacle Magic

The second of two boxes. Hint: I was not in the box


I finally made an appearance in MagicSeen magic, thanks to my appearance on PentacleTV the previous year.


Other than writing a soundtrack, I also composed some other work. Including my first with the "pop video"...

The Meme Song

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Memes are the last refuge of language, with entire conversations being had using them. So what would a love song sound like, if all the words were memes?


Don't miss the archaic rap meme at 3'00 which replaces the original chorus with an equivalent 1800's lyric

Numbers - The EP

Hear it
"Sneak Thief" is a band formed of an AI, an algorithm, and a human. Every track uses a varied mixture of these performers. At no point, should you be concerned by their specific contributions!


Hear it
Intended for the second "Sneak Thief" EP this track is pseudo-literally representation of the cosmos, in musical form. It featured on the broadcast by the Cambridge Electronic music event.

It is also available in a 5.1 mix - my first - for which I needed to build the 5.1 mixdown software!


LED Matrix - Nyan Cat

I made a general-purpose for transfering the contents of a web page, running on the client, to an LED matrix connected to the server.
This is one of many examples.

Full details and examples

LED Matrix - 3D Monster Maze

I made a general-purpose for transfering the contents of a web page, running on the client, to an LED matrix connected to the server.

This is one of many examples.

Full details and examples

Cutting cards

With a robotic cutter, you can create some interesting designs.
Full details and examples

Falcon Cookie Cutter

A bit of a failure, TBH, as the dough stuck to the mould.