The following activities are all my own, and represent my alter-egos. Which is to say, I'm also a beer sommelier, magician, in addition to my role as Marquis de Geek!

Simply 121 In-browser communications

Simply121 is a secure in-browser video and voice chat solution that requires NO PLUGINS and NO INSTALLED software! Instead, it harnesses the power of modern browsers, like Chrome, to support real-time communications that people love.

Code With Bolt Teaching programming to kids (and their teachers!)

Code with Bolt is an innovative approach that helps kids (of all ages) write computer programmes. It works entirely in the web browser - no software to install - and is completely FREE to use.

Our professional programming team have created a series of worked examples, that guide you through each step.There's no rules or restrictions here; if you can't finish the example, just click 'Hint' or 'Next' and you can see the answer.

Digital Heritage What am I doing to preserve old computers, and their software?

We plan to collate the learnings and knowledge of computer systems from 1975 onwards so that students of technology and scholars of the future can understand how they work, how to use them, and how they affected the culture of the 20th century.

We're also learning how to program every computer from that era so we can create museum exhibits whereby the computer itself explains what it did, instead of it being an inert plastic box in a glass case, described only with its name and lifespan on a small cardboard tombstone.

Minerva Home Automation

Minerva is a complete, easy to use, home automation suite. Using Minerva you can make your home easier and cheaper to run and more secure. With Minerva you can: switch on your lights from anywhere, using a mobile phone or PC; email your video; check your security CCTV footage; control your central heating and much more.

SGX Engine A cross-platform, and cross-language, game engine

The SGX Engine is the latest revolution in cross-platform technology. At its core it is a complete game engine comprising of modules for graphics, audio, and input. The API has been written natively for HTML 5, iOS, and Flash allowing maximum performance.

The ethos behind SGX is that you're always developing native code, so you can use the full capabilities of the device and language you're using. Also, because the API is identical across all languages, you can port between platforms by changing very little.

Furthermore, by using the same engine, each port can use exactly the same assets - even though the screens are different sizes.

The Beer Crate Beer consultancy

The Beer Crate is a drinks consultancy and advocacy group headed by beer sommelier Steven Goodwin. Famed for his beer podcasts and number 1 selling book, 'The British Book of Beer', Steven is an expert in the field of good quality beers, who gives tutored tastings and consultation to the beer industry.

We can provide restaurants, bars, and clubs with staff training and advice in:

  • Beer selection
  • Matching food with beer
  • Storage and cellar handling
  • Cask and keg beers
  • Bottled beers from the UK, and around the world
  • Distributor and brewery networking
  • Providing tutoring tasting sessions for the public

LEGO Punk Modern LEGO for AFOLs

First there was cyberpunk. Then steampunk. And now LEGO Punk!

This blog will collect all the cool, funky, odd and weird things that have been made from LEGO. From portraits and sculptures, to keyrings, robots and office furniture. If it's made from (or is about) LEGO, and makes me smile and nod my head with approval, then it is accepted.

James Merlin Mystery Entertainer

James Merlin is a London-based magician and mind reader. As a magician he entertains with cards, coins, little red boxes and tin cans! As a mind reader (or mentalist) he entertains with pieces of paper, cardboard, and that other 2-dimensional prop - his brain!

James is one of the most versatile performers on the circuit and works tables at parties, dinners, and corporate functions. Each evening is tailored to the needs of the client, and can include as many (or as few) card tricks as you'd like! Generic emulation

EMF is a description language of computer hardware, plus the tools necessary to convert it into code. By describing a processor, for example, in a structured fashion means that the EMF software can automatically generate an emulator for that processor in any given programming language. Furthermore, it can use the same description to generate an assembler, disassembler, memory monitor, and other assorted tools.