My history, and examples

TAD Hack

Videos and short breakdowns of all my hacks from TADHack, from 2015 to date.

Spoiler alert: I won!

Geek Photos

Weird and wonderful photographs

Startup Medals

TLA . com

The basics of every Three Letter web site, from an old (and broken) scrape from 2007.

Digital Heritage

What am I doing to preserve old computers, and their software?

Megarocessor texture maker - a rough and ready tool for generating bitmaps and code, suitable for the Megaprocessor.

Pint Timer

This webapp gives you a real-time graphical representation of how empty your beer class needs to be, so that you'll make the next bus/train home.

Facts about London, hacked from OpenStreetMap

London Brewery & Beer Map

A graphical breakdown of every (!?!?) brewery in London. Compiled by the sommelier of 'The Beer Crate'.

Smallest $filetype evar

Watching bread bake

Programming (and re-programming) a camera


Twitter analysis tool. Good for listing the people that interact with you (but can't be bothered to follow), and showing a breakdown of your tweets on an hour-by-hours basis.

ASCII Pacman

Meta Retro Gaming

The world famous implementation, of the world famous game, written for the world famous interface. ASCII text.


The ultimate .GIF

A way of watching every scene in a 2 hour movie within 10 seconds.

Obfuscated Code

A few examples

Written in C, because obfuscated Perl is just too easy :)

Retro Hacking World

A Sideways Look

A site designed for A4 portrait monitors.

Pizza Per Penny


Have you ever wondered if you'd get more pizza when buying a 15" 'no crust' versus a 12" buy-one-get-one-free deal? If so, this is the web page for you.


in HTML5

Identikey lets you store all your usernames and passwords on a USB pen drive in a secure fashion.


The worlds first completely open souce film

ZX81 Film

Creating an animation, with code, on a ZX81. When I was 11!

Beethoven Classical Mashup

Eating Insects

Audacity Art

Photo manipulation without photoshop


RESTful web design

WARP is a system that utilises WebFace to allow many different applets to run on a single page, and maintain the state between them. It is part of the Minerva system.


HTML Images without Images

This is a method of introducing images into HTML files, without using images, but instead a table of differently coloured background cells!

Small sites


An experiment to see what I could do in 5K.