Most the models on this page are My Own Creations. Designed, built, and generally messed around with by me.

My rules for building these are simply that I create them, and I do so using only the bricks I have to hand. No dismantling other models. No purchasing special bricks. Nothing! If I don't have it, then I don't get it - and I rework the model to suit.

This naturally makes it very hard to make certain shapes, particularly curves, since I don't possess (m)any of those pre-made curved bricks. Similarly, I don't have a wide range of colours so my palette is a little on "primary" scale.

In short, if my brick models look a little "bricky" that's the reason!

Additionally, in 2020, I finalised my "SOL" ideas - that is, a way to organise LEGO bricks in the most efficient way possible. Instead of sorting by colour, it does so by stud count. To read more...

SOL - a modest proposal to best organise LEGO

Large scale models

LEGO Maxifig
Ada Lovelace
Ant Attack - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Game
Mega brick
Go 8 Bit

Desk scale models

Wooden Duck
King Tut
LEGO Chess Set
Adam - Skeleton
Tut Brickhead
Game controller

Mechanical models



Microscale and other models