All of these projects have been developed by myself, the Marquis de Geek, but live on other web sites, or micro sites. Click on the tile to open that project in a separate tab.


Live Mix

Real-time audio mixing desk in the browser


Cambridge 1800-2018

Side by side images of the town

My CV from 2005

I made a web page to demonstrate my talents. This is why it took 5 years to get a job in the industry!


A reconstruction of Facebook game from 2008

Keyboard frequency

What would your keyboard look like, if every letter was proportional to its use in the language?

Ant Attack - FPS

The classic ZX Spectrum game, implemented with three.js

Web Workers

How to not use them!

Fibonacci Animation

A work in progress

Dragons Lair

Kubrick game engine

Relive the video CD game, using the YouTube API

Space Bounce

HTML5 Game

Features in my fifth book


Two images. One iframe. And a swiping bar.


Preview the output of your webcam, as ASCII art

WebRTC Guide

A practical step-by-step way to see how a WebRTC call happens

Flight Composer

An award-winning geohack

Music performance tool that uses the positions of planes to determine the notes.

Online Selfie

getUserMedia in action

Take photos with your webcam. Upload to imgur. Simples!

Practice Mirror

Compare your actions, as mirrored via your webcam, with the examples on YouTube.

Basicode Simulator

keep the past alive

A full, on-line, implementation of Basicode.

Tube Walk

Written for (one of the many) 2014 tube strikes, this calculates the time it takes to walk between every pair of tube stations, on the London Underground.


Understanding torrent files

This is a quick hack which lists the data present inside a .torrent - written because I was curious...

Doctor Who - Regeneration Animation

Morph your face into the Doctor's

Written using SGX, was written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the best sci-fi shows on TV.

Teeth Defender

Cross-platform and cross-language game

Written using SGX, this was the template game that works in C++, Actionscript and HTML5.

Particle System

in HTML5

With texturing, blending, and NO WebGL!

Graffiti Wall

with online storage

Implementing Photoshop in HTML5


An IRC client in HTML5

Written using Pusher, this is an attempt to demonstrate the peer-to-peer communications possible within HTML5.


HTML5+LEGO+GTA = Cool beans!

I wanted to build a game tech demo without WebGL, and without an artist, so this is what I came up with!


HTML5 version of the class toy made in an afternoon, experimenting with HTML5 render code

FB Status

Private Reviews

How to see your FB posts, without giving data away to app makers


an HTML5 game engine

The SGX Engine is the latest revolution in cross-platform technology. At its core it is a complete game engine comprising of modules for graphics, audio, and input.