My first assembly languages were Z80 and 6809. This was due to the microcomputers I owned back in the 1980s - a ZX81 and Dragon 32, respectively. I never really took to the Z80 (even though I've written games in it, such as ZX Adventure.) But I did like the 6809. It seemed to have such a nice, well thought out, architecture. So, naturally, when I was older and knew how to write emulators it's no surprise that my first emulator was for a Dragon.

That was in 1996.

Fast forward for 2017, and I'm attending a 6809 meetup in Cambridge discovering that I wasn't the only one. This re-ignited me, somewhat, and thought I should probably try and see how much I've remembered. Or forgotten. ASCII bird is the result of that day.

I'd like to write more with the 6809, probably with mode 1 graphics, and when I do, it'll appear on this page. Until then, grab a Dragon emulator and the source code (below) and have a game!

p.s. I have successfully run my Dragon emulator (which was written on a home-brew "Amiga Workbench Emulator"), on an Amiga emulator. Which was running on Windows. Which was running on a Macbook. Just because...

ASCII bird


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Source code
My 6809 emulator, written on for Amiga