Space Bounce is a simple game about a spaceman trying to collect Trilythium Halite from the bottom of a shaft to power his broken spaceship. The original idea was to have a simple one-button game where the player was to collect one type of item while avoiding another.

It was written to support my book "Polished Game Development: From First Steps to Final Release"

The book

Polished Game Development acts as a comprehensive checklist of everything your game should, and should not, do, in order to be as good as it possibly can. It is more than just a book on theoretical game design principles.

Learn the things you need for a complete game, such as translations and tutorials, and improve the things you've already written to raise their standard to that of a professional level. This is a practical guide covering every discipline: art, music, writing, and code. In the case of the latter, code examples are included to demonstrate how to implement the functionality to make the game shine.

The Game

Click to play the Space Bounce game!


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