In 1986 I was moderately addicted to Stone Raider II. It was a clone of the classic Boulderdash game made for the Dragon 32. A fine computer which, for various reasons, never made it into the big leagues. But this game absorbed so much of my time, I thought it only fair I re-write for the web, in an attempt to steal a similar amount of time from someone else!

This is a complete re-write in Javascript, aiming to be similar (but not identical) to the original. Nothing is emulated. (Even though I have the source code to the original - see links below - I chose to not look at it.) The timings, AI, logic, and such is all my doing. And consequently, my fault!

My intention is that the code is simple enough to allow anyone interested to understand how a game like this can be written, and for them to improve and enhance it.

Currently, it only supports 1 level, and uses the graphics and sounds from the original, but hopefully an artist will donate some time to provide a completely new look to the game. At which point, I'll probably call it Stone Raider III!

How to play

Move around the screen with the cursor keys, collecting all the diamonds whilst avoiding the animated meanies. Once all diamonds have been collected one of the edge tiles will flash, indicating the exit.

Rocks will fall down if there is nothing to support them, and will roll off whatever they are resting on, if there's no nothing to the left or right of them.

You can push rocks, provided there's only one of them, and that there's nothing on the opposite side to stop it from moving.

If you trap yourself into a corner, you can end a life with the '~' (tilde) key.

You can also dig to the adjacent square, be it left, right, up or down, by holding down the shift key and pressing the appropriate arrow key. In this 'dig' mode, you will not move.

The Game

Click to play the Stone Raider II Retro Remake!


https://github.com/rolfmichelsen/StoneRaiderII - The original source code with map breakdown
http://www.rolfmichelsen.com/stoneraider.html - The author of the original game!
https://github.com/MarquisdeGeek/stoneraider - My source