So while hacking around with WebRTC, I realized that I could capture the webcam image into a binary array... and if I can get the RGB elements of each pixel, I can process them. So that's what I did!

Each effect in the demo is written in pure Javascript, and has more functionality than is accessible from the UI. For example, the brighten method contains parameters to control how much brightness is applied.

This demo users GetUserMedia, Javascript image manipulation, Canvas toDataURL and imgur upload.

Use it!

Simply click on the link below, allow the computer to access your webcam and away you go! Drag the filters on the left, into the list on the right for them to be applied to the image. If you'd like to save the image (to imgur) then click on the appropriate 'Save image' button, and the image will open in a new window.

Now, click on Super Cam Toy to try it!