Back in 1997, whilst in university, some friends and I wrote a thing called Swarm, to simulate small creatures. It was released to Aminet and had a fair number of downloads.

I had always meant to revisit it. In 2018, I finally got around to it...

The Premise

I had only two desirable outcomes - that it worked in JavaScript, to make it available to all, and that it could be controlled with your hands. Because... well...

In 2018 I ran the Berlin marathon. This required a lot of training, determination, and sacrifice. To compensate, there was to be a mini-holiday immediately following it. One of the exhibitions was the Game Science Center. This comprised of two rooms of games, most controlled by alternative means. That is, instead of a joypad you destroy the aliens by using a ping pong table, and have to hit the balls at the display!

Over the years I have done a lot of experimental work with alternative interfaces (such as RFC, motion, magnets, etc) but one I've taken a shine to recently is the Leap Motion, which allows you to control on-screen objects by waving your hand (or hands) in the air. So, naturally, it occured to me that I should resurrect the Swarm code, and integrate it with the Leap Motion. (If you have one, otherwise, the mouse will still work.)

An example

Play it now

First, plug in your Leap Motion (if you have one) and then... Just click this link!


The original Amiga download

Game Science Center (Berlin)

Leap Motion

The JavaScript version