Create read-only APIs without almost 0 code, and 0 time!

The easiest way to start is by reviewing the tube.php code. It shows how to extend the basic ZeroDayAPI class to build your own API. Each API requires you to:

  • Amend the constructor to extract the search parameters from the address
  • Implement isFieldNumericallySortable so the search can be sorted in the correct manner
  • Implement isFound to process each row of data, return true or false
  • Implement getRecordData to produce an output, from a given record
And then you just tie up the data set to the data. Naturally, creating the data set is the time consuming bit!

The library is worth your attention because:

  • It has no dependancies, or external requirements
  • Is written in (very) simple PHP
  • Has two working demos for both London train stations and STUN servers
  • It just works


The first demo's I created were for the London train network, and STUN servers for use in WebRTC application. To read about the trains stations in London discover the London tube API here.

Or use the London tube API here.

Or use the WebRTC STUN API here.


The full source to 0day is available on Github!