For those that know me, and keep up with my ramblings on Twitter et al, this is probably a slightly out-of-date version of that.

For everyone else, here are my most recent escapades, projects, and other stuff that I've been working on recently.

Cambridge Pubs

In preparation of May 17th, here's a tube line to help navigate the local pubs. (If you're local to me, that is!)

LEGO: Magic Ali

A short film, where LEGO minifigs perform a miracle transposition effect.

(If you want to know how it works, look up "Peppers Ghost"!)

Music: Numbers - The EP

"Sneak Thief" is a band formed of an AI, an algorithm, and a human. Every track uses a varied mixture of these performers. At no point, should you be concerned by their specific contributions!

Music: P1anets

A piece of music composed from pulsating bass drones, and (literally) out-of-this-world effects from the Halley VLF receiver. It features on the British Antarctic Survey page about the receiver.

British Antarctic Survey

LED Matrix Panels

I created a thing whereby a user can manipulate the content on a webpage, and it appears on an LED panel somewhere else in the world. But, due to travel restrictions, the patterns appear on the panel placed next to the monitor.

ZX Adventure

I wrote a game for the Sinclair ZX81 in Z80 assembly. There is also a version due on the ZX Spectrum.

LED Emulator

With the ability to write any pixels to the LED matrix, I decided to transmit the contents of my MegaProcessor emulator to it.

LEGO: BrickHeadz

Inspired by the BrickHeadz theme, I tried King Tut himself. It turned out slightly better than the minion, IMO.

Kirigami - Cards #1

What can I do with some scissors and a few playing cards? This...

Kirigami - Cards #2

The 7 of spades is an impossible object, the others are simply intricate.

Appearing in MagicSeen

A very small picture, and short write-up, of my involvement in last years Pentacle TV show. But still, all good publicity...

LEGO: 3 in 1

After getting a 3-in-1 LEGO set for Christmas, I wondered if any other vehicles could be built from the same bits. Answer: not really!