For those that know me, and keep up with my ramblings on Twitter et al, this is probably a slightly out-of-date version of that.

For everyone else, here are my most recent escapades, projects, and other stuff that I've been working on recently.

Music: The Raven

When I learned that Christopher Lee (Yes! That one!) had placed a recording of Poe's classic poem "The Raven" into the public domain, I lept at the chance to add my own musical backing.
This music is a combination of composed melody, electronics, and noise-led soundscape.

This is the result...


These four tracks were written, or co-written, with AI.

One wasn't.

If AI is stealing our jobs, and diminishing the role of the artist, then you should be able to tell which it is! :).

This is one of them...


To hear the whole album...


As a programmer, I fit the stereotype. of being someone that's always been bad at art. I thought it was due to uninspiring art lessons, cheap materials, and poor quality reference material.

It wasn't that!

I watched Bob Ross, used his official paints and brushes, and followed his reference painting.

I still fit the stereotype. But at least now I have a painting to show for it!

Music: Trip to the Moon

I decided to write a film score.
I decided to use one synthesizer.
The synthesizer in question can play only one note at a time.

This is the result...

TADHack 2022 : Secret Babble

Secret Babble helps making multilingual conversations more accessible by providing translations over the phone which can be read out loud by the system or sent discreetly as text message only, providing a transcription of the exchange.
2nd place: Global prize
Official Winners Blog

TADHack 2021

Four hacks - two prizes! Mostly for 'Wizard Chess', a web-based chess game which you control with your voice, via the phone line. Official Winners Blog

Cambridge Pubs

In preparation of Freedom Day on May 17th, here's a tube line to help navigate the local pubs. (If you're local to me, that is!)

LEGO: Ada Lovelace

And why not?

LEGO: Maxifig

At over 40cm high, this is one of my favourite ever model, of my creation.

New book: 20 GOTO 10

20 GOTO 10 is a book of numbers that describes the many facets of computing history, focusing on the golden age of old computers and retro games and consoles of the 1980s and 90s. It covers the hardware, software, and social history of the era showing how they're linked through numbers, such as 48K, C90, and 35899.

ZX Adventure

I wrote a game for the Sinclair ZX81 in Z80 assembly. There is also a version due on the ZX Spectrum.

Kirigami - Cards #1

What can I do with some scissors and a few playing cards? This...

Kirigami - Cards #2

The 7 of spades is an impossible object, the others are simply intricate.

LEGO: 3 in 1

After getting a 3-in-1 LEGO set for Christmas, I wondered if any other vehicles could be built from the same bits. Answer: not really!