Cenobitic was the worlds first open source movie. Created with CC video, music, editted on Free software, discussed over email (mutt on Linux servers), and with the web site and blog (www.cenobitic.org) hosted on Free software also. Oh, and the film script and process was discussed openly, allowing the public to affect the outcome.


Artists have historically suffered. Suffered for their art. Suffered for their rights. The copyright law has prevented creative innovation and derivation until 70 years after the artists death - at which time their peers have similarly expired.

With the advent of the Creative Commons license however, writers, musicians and artists now have a means whereby they can share their work for others to adapt and build upon; without fees or licensing agreements. Their art is able to live before their death.

Two filmmakers took this concept one step further, and producing an Open movie called .Cenobitic. where the materials used in the production, and the technology involved, is Open. Open source. Open content. Open art.

This is their story...

The Film


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