Cross-Platform Game Programming addresses cross-platform programming issues by teaching programmers practical cross-platform development strategies for writing the same game, using the same code for several platforms simultaneously (PS2, XBox, PC, and GameCube, etc.).


The book begins by explaining the ten basic tenets for development such as commonality and abstraction. It explains why standard libraries are not standard enough, and covers the nuances between compilers, debuggers, and operating systems. Throughout the book, how-to guidelines are provided for using the same code to handle different hardware specifications without change for ported games, or those being built to be cross platform from the ground up. It helps senior and lead programmers determine where the platform-specific features should start and end, and provides methods for achieving this. It also includes support for those using cross platform libraries (a.k.a. middleware) by demonstrating how to write code that will run identically on different machines; even when the platform makes use of the same APIs. Because the book teaches the methods, not the API, it scales well for future platforms and is a great addition for any programmer's bookshelf.


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