This was my very first FOSDEM. In fact, it was everybodys first FOSDEM since the previous year carried the monicker "OSDEM." However, at the time it seemed to me to be "just another weekend away, that happened to include some talks on computer stuff."
I never made that mistake again.
So, although I made several notes from the talks, I didn't consider our escapades to be worthy of a documentary. Whatever happened in that first year remains with those that were present. However, for all future years I wrote a short blog entry. Many received 1,000 unique views in the weeks that followed the event - an impressive amount considering that there were barely 1,000 attendees in those early days. Since that means I've gone from reaching around 400% of the FOSDEM consortium to about 14% I can be sure that I'll eventually hit a threshold where no one is reading, and all future spulling mistooks will go unnoticed!
(Written retrospectively in 2017)