If you've arrived at this page, it's probably because you're a member of the Mensa Dr Who SIG, or you know someone that is. No matter - I hope you enjoy this little effort which goes under the name "A really easy Dr Who quiz"!

Questions - Click 'reveal' for the answers.

  1. When was the first 'Doctor Who' annual published? Reveal
    1980. All the previous ones, from 1966-1979, were 'Dr Who' annuals.
  2. Which was the first episode to feature both Patrick Troughton and Deborah Watling? Reveal
    Strange Partners. Episode 13 of HG Wells' The Invisible Man, broadcast on 7 December 1958.
  3. Between 1987 and 1989, a famous actor portrayed a British institutional character. His work has included voice-overs, a Marquis, and (of course) a beloved time lord. Who was the actor? (p.s. RADA is not a clue) Reveal
    Timothy Dalton. Three points of differentiation: the highest 'rank' that McCoy has played is Lieutenant. 'Birdie' Bowers (The Last Place on Earth), not Marquis. And McCoy only performed 1 voice-over (and that was for a video game.) The p.s. is a reference to the fact that Dalton never completed RADA (i.e. _not_ a clue), and McCoy played Radagast in The Hobbit.
  4. Which BBC employee was not permitted royalties on their most famous work, and only given £100 in ex-gratia payment after the fact? Reveal
    Ray Cusick, designer of the Daleks. Delia received no additional payment for her work.
  5. Billie Piper and Matt Smith appeared in two episodes together. One was "The Day of the Doctor", what was the other? Reveal
    Episode 1.6, of "The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl"
  6. Wendy Padbury is now a theatre agent. Which actor, most famous for playing the Doctor, does she represent? Reveal
    Colin Baker. Although she (helped and) discovered Matt Smith, she doesn't represent him.
  7. Doctor is an alien, who looks like a grey haired old man, but who's ship can travel in back time with his companions. But what's his surname? Reveal
    Omega. From the French comic. http://i.imgur.com/HMGbx1P.jpg His ship can only travel back in time, unlike the TARDIS. BTW, WHO written upside down is OHM, which the measurement of resistance designated by the Greek letter... Omega!
  8. Which Doctor Who actor was first to appear in St Trinians? Reveal
    Roger Delgado had a cameo in 1954s The Belles of St Trinian's. Tennant's performance was in 2009.
  9. Which actor (more famous for playing the Doctor) played the part of a Beatle in "John and Yoko"? Reveal
    Peter Capaldi, as George Harrison. Eccleston performed in the Beatles drama entitles "Lennon Naked". (After all, I said "a" Beatle, not the "the titular" Beatle.)
  10. Which BBC controller hated the low grade quality of Dr Who that he cancelled it? Reveal
    Jonathan Powell. Michael Grade left the BBC in 1987, so it was Powell who did the deed in 1989.
  11. Which word features in the most episode titles? Reveal
    Planet. (Followed by Death.) If you count only _serial_ titles (remember all episodes prior to The Savages had a unique name for each episode), then it is Dalek, as expected.
  12. Which scientific boffin first lectured about the real-world scientific possibilities present in Dr Who? Reveal
    Judith Merril, in the 70's and 80's, did weekly lectures on the subject. Brian Cox did a singular one, much later.