As an in-demand speaker on the lecture circuit, Steven can present on a wide range of science and technology subjects.

For background information, here is Steven Goodwin's biography.

Some of his most recent public talks include:

MiXiTAda Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program
FOSDEMI have an idea: build a language that can run backwards
FOSDEM7 things I learned about old computers, via emulation
Cambridge NodeJS and JavascriptA language that can run backwards
OfflineMy employer at the time forbade giving talks, so I was only able to give the already-booked FOSDEM talk
FOSDEMGetting 1K Chess for the ZX81 online
OnlineDuring 2021, I found even more user groups wanting my "Greatest Hits" tour, so I shall only note the larger conferences.
CityJS ConfEMF Emulation
FOSDEMEmulation 101: How anyone can do it
FOSDEMZX Adventure - Writing a new game, for a 40 year old machine
FOSDEMAda Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program
OnlineDuring the 2020 pandemic I presented a "Greatest Hits" tour of various user groups and conferences. Ada Lovelace, Emulation, and LEGO all had an airing, along with around 20 others!
DDDThe Very First Computer Program - The Legacy of Ada Lovelace
TAD Summit (keynote)Engaging developers
MensaSymphony No. 1 - How I Wrote and Recorded an Algorithmic Symphony
TAD HackSpotify on Hold
TAD HackOne Stop Shop
MensaThe Very First Computer Program
Cambridge NodeJSNDJSON
MensaCreative LEGO
London Retro ComputingThe Very First Computer Program
FOSDEM (keynote)FOSDEM at 20 - A Celebration
FOSDEMCreating symphonies in JavaScript
TAD SummitCrossing the Development Chasm
Serverless Computing LondonThe 10 servers in serverless development
AdventureXPiMania for Alexa: A Retro Remake
DDD East AngliaThe Very First Computer Program
TAD HackSimwood Node API, WhoCallsMe?, and Fighting Fantasy
Cambridge Alexa DevelopersPimania - Writing a game with Alexa
Cambridge Node and JavaScript20 years of JavaScript (part 2)
CityJS ConfAda 99
Pentacle Magic ClubIntellectual Property in magic
CodeMotion (Rome)Computer games – not as easy as it looks
HackadayWriting Alexa Skills
Cambridge JavaScript20 years of JavaScript (part 1)
Cambridge Alexa DevelopersBuilding 'My Council' Alexa skill (last minute replacement)
FOSDEMIntroducing DBus-ASIO
Introducing ScrumBrightSign
CommConBuild your own Skype in an afternoon
Cambridge Alexa DevelopersGrammar as a Service
PyDataProgrammatic Music Advisor
TEQnationDigital Archaeology - Maintaining our digital heritage
Algorithmic ArtThe Algorithm and Beyond - How I Wrote and Recorded an Algorithmic Symphony
FOSDEMDigital Archaeology - Maintaining our digital heritage
FOSDEMHome automation - Not as simple as you think
FOSDEMBuild your own Skype... in the browser
London Perl WorkshopAll languages are equal, but some languages are more equal than others
Spectrum 35Software preservation
Cambridge JavascriptWebRTC: Can you really write your own "Skype in the browser" in an afternoon?
PolyConfAda99 - rewriting the first computer progam
FOSDEMComputer games – not as easy as it looks
FOSDEMWebRTC - Low barrier to entry. Low barrier to exit?
London Perl WorkshopCan you really write your own "Skype in the browser" in an afternoon?
Associated Press/IntelligentXUsing AI to brew beer
Over the AirBuild your own Skype
TAD HackBackup Call
TAD HackVodka - Local Testing for Troppo
EMF CampMagic: Tricks, puzzles, or illusions?As James Merlin
EMF CampLEGO Punk - Silly things to do with LEGO
FOSDEMBuilding a WebRTC application
London.DevWhy every developer should know WebRTCJointly run by LICG
WebRTC Expo (lecture)WebRTC - Low barrier to entry. Low barrier to exit?
WebRTC Expo (tutorial)Building a WebRTC Application in a Snap
GeoDev MeetupFlight Composer : the awarding-winning hack
geomobFlight Composer : the awarding-winning hack
TADHack Lisbonnote2self as blogged at MdGAward-winning hack
ProgSConCreating a multi-user Photoshop clone in Javascript
WebRTC Global SummitThe role of developers in WebRTCPanel
Ed-Fuse Teachers SummitPortrait of a Programmer - Teaching programming to teachers, so they can teach programming!
Ruby in BathWebex in Ruby - Eradicating PHP one gem at a time
FOSDEMAn Introduction to CHDK
FOSDEMUltra. Smallest. Webserver. Evar
Elephant & Castle Mini Maker FaireMinerva
London Perl WorkshopHome automation - Not as simple as you think
Develop in BrightonUniversity vs Industry - Ironing out the BUGS
FOSDEMArmstrong - Music with the Arduino
Code Show, SkypeBuilding Skype in HTML5 - How to write an IRC client and virtual whiteboard
Code Show, GoogleHow to write Photoshop in Javascript
Barcamp, BerkshireHome Automation 101, London101 Ideas in Home Automation
Devs Love BaconIntellectual Property in magic
Code Show, GoogleHTML 5, Vertex Colouring and Particle Systems
Spectrum 30, CambridgeDigital Archaeology
GameCamp 5, LondonCluelessness in the games industry
Imperica - Horizons 2012Digital Archaeology
Devs Love BaconLEGO Punk
London Flash User GroupDigital Archaeology
GameCamp 4, LondonThe Distillation of Gameplay
OpenTech 2011, LondonDigital Archaeology - When open source is not enough
FOSDEM, BrusselsQuBit: Introducing Quantum Superpositions
Google, OSJamLocalization 101
UKUUG SummerThe Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games
Develop in BrightonOpen Software for Closed Hardware
OpenTech 2009Digital Archeology
Google, OSJamThe three problems with computer game engines
Thoughtworks - Game Geek NightDigital archaeology
FOSDEMGames Engines Done Good
UKUUG-Linux 2008Home Automation
London Games Fringe 2008Open Source for Games Developers - A Debate on New Business Models
Google, OSJamEffective Development
Open TechHome Automation - First Steps
O'Reilly Interview
Google, OSJamRESTful development with WARP
FOSDEMMinerva: house automation suite
MensaDark side of the 'Net
Durham UniversityThe Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games
GLLUGThe Dichotomy of Open Source and Computer Games
BBC BackstageCenobitic
NotConHow to Email Your Video (and other things to make your home come alive - literally)
Ealing RoadWeb Design for Beginners
Computer ArtworksSubversion - Source Control Made Easy
MensaWhy my friends and I re-invented the wheel. Again