Other projects:

Shout '98 (Remix)

Back when everyone was taking #80s classics and singing them r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y, with over-reverberated piano backings (and show runners for The Traitors realised they’d found their soundtrack!) I was going retro by making dance remixes.




An album inspired by the work, style, ideas, and life of Vangelis.


A song which may, or may not, have been written by AI

Kraftwerk 0.1

Using 5 Arduinos to play 1 song


An in-browser 8 track studio mixer!

Symphony Number 1.1

Compose your own fractal symphony!

Symphony No.1 in C# minor

This is a truly wonderful album, which this preview is too small to describe.

White Rabbit (remix)

Beethoven Classical Mashup

An arrangement of 5 different Beethoven pieces, created by myself.

Guitar Strummer

Simulate the sound of guitar, with an Arduino.

Flight Composer

Music performance tool that uses the positions of planes to determine the notes.

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

A stupid avant-garde score, which I realized.


A music library for Arduino, with Theremin examples

Homemade Hawking

Using an Arduino and SPO256 chip to speak.

Hacking Rockband

Using the Rock Band instruments to trigger samples on my PC.

Arduino Lego Tannerin

A single piece of resistance wire, an Arduino, and some LEGO. What else do you need to make a musical instrument?

Rule Organ

By taping thirteen rulers to a desk, each with a different amount of overhang, we have a rudimentary musical (?!?!?!?) instrument.

Vexations Box

An automaton to play Eric Satie's least performed work.

TVR - Arduino Tool for Visual Reporting

Processing code to give a graphical output of all the ports on the Arduino, both analog and digital, including a time trace of both.

YM7128 Digial Delay

Connecting a YM7128 chip to an Arduino



An HTML5 soft synth.