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Wednesday 4th of June 2014

The iOS Spammers Top Ten(-ish)

When there's a gold rush, I have long been a believer of selling shovels. Sure, I make less money than most (and I've lost more, too!) but, over the long term, I've been employed for the last 20 years making console games, education technology, and web sites, that have been enjoyed by millions of people every day. I used to think the 'shovel' of iOS was Apple. But if my spam folder is to be believed, the 'shovel' is with spammers and marketroids.

You see, every iOS app I release (either for myself, or a client) I get a bunch of spam (as defined by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.) Since this address is only used for iOS I know the source.

The chart is as follows:

31% yourappreport.com

  • Offering an app marketing report and SEO for apps.

  • Rougly split between two separate emails accounts, which almost feel like they're trying to legitmize their business with a good spammer/bad spammer vibe.

  • Says the usual 'Click here to unsubcribe', despite the fact I never subscribed to anything of theirs. Ever.

27% mail.vresp.com

  • Various offerings

  • Given that there's no website, it looks like a free mail service which - obviously - is used by all companies wanted to make a serious business offer!

  • I've had separate mails from AppDictions@ (marketing), Mobile_PRwire@ and CR_Digital_Design@ in roughly equal measure.

13% skillzdev.com

  • A currency tournament platform

  • They always open with "I bet $1 I can beat you at... [insert product here]"

  • Always dear to my heart, since they were the first spammers to contact me after my first iOS game was released. They're obviously oblivious to the concept of research given the scope of my app, and the service they were offering.

7% kryptonsoft.com

  • Porting service from iOS to android and tablet

  • They start with "Greetings of the day!!" because they're too lazy to mail merge with the day of the week. Also, complete lack of research to determine which platforms the app was released upon.

6% appmarketermagazine.com

  • Standard marketroid emails

  • The email was so dull I almost fell asleep. Was tempted to email them back offering my consultancy in this area!

6% promoarrow.com

  • SEO for apps

  • Obviously such a good SEO company that I should use them immediately... except I'd never heard of them, or anything they've promoted. Which kinda makes it a bad SEO company.

5% appstorereviewerpr@gmail.com

  • Video reviews

  • Again - public email, and a service that sounds like it'd get blocked if Apple knew about it.

The outlier

6% headsinternational.com

  • A recruiter (looking for cloud experience)

  • Given the timing, it must have been triggered from a kids games about mosquitos... not sure of the connection, myself!

Wednesday 12th of March 2014

 09:30:25  -  Need a library to parse #bencode'd files (e.g. #torrents) in #JavaScript? Then try mine! http://t.co/Nb7pljHSgD or https://t.co/EwKM7eKaov

 09:30 UTC  -  Need a library to parse #bencode'd files (e.g. #torrents) in #JavaScript? Then try mine! http://marquisdegeek.com/code_bencode.php or https://github.com/MarquisdeGeek/bencode

Tuesday 11th of March 2014

 20:54:49  -  RT @natmorris: I now have my own page in school IT textbook in Brazil, wow! thanks @FanaticsOfDemi for the photo http://t.co/OwZueyhL5p

 19:44:56  -  I don't always worry about #twitter going down...

 15:58:05  -  RT @campbellhowes: Hurrah! @dick_taylor is sponsoring #LEGup's 3rd birthday drinks! Get yourself a ticket now, it's going to be fab: http:/…

 14:08:20  -  I've just had a request to connect on #LinkedIn from someone who _wasn't_ a recruiter! It must be a bug. To whom do I report it? ;)

 10:05:51  -  I'm sure #Spritz is very good but it's solving the wrong problem - I don't want to read twice as fast,I want to spend half the time reading!

Monday 10th of March 2014

 11:35:06  -  So who else knew that #Nintendo made a form of #LEGO? http://t.co/Vq2tFvluRW Or that both were stolen from #Kiddicraft ? #afol

 09:04:10  -  I've finally gotten around to writting a biography for my life in #edtech. Only N years too late! http://t.co/LBcMXsfc13

Friday 7th of March 2014

 14:07:37  -  @developonline @developconf The misdirection is all part of the plan ;) #coveringupmystudipity

 13:57:51  -  Last day of CFP to @developonline Fellow game devs, I urge you to not submit anything in order to give me a chance ;) http://t.co/c9oikuWTlF

 13:52:06  -  Just had my first reference in a #ff - Yay! - Time to start being interesting, I suppose!

 02:41:48  -  Dear @alexwarren - I think the ultimate text adventure has been created: http://t.co/mbSJUkuLYT (it's not yours, is it?!?!?!?)

Thursday 6th of March 2014

 17:59:42  -  RT @radio_matthew: Now playing: #TechTalkfest - The Connected Home: Making Houses Smarter with @MariaIngold https://t.co/Xmw2xCrdhb via @A…

 13:15:52  -  Hi @jonhare - were you thinking of doing anything BUGS-related for Develop? I've sent a suggestion/message via Linkedin.

 10:59:40  -  @claw0101 @MustangMatt69 I'm glad I never implemented the interconnect between Twitter and my HA music system, as that'd be playing now :(

 09:48:09  -  @almurray As long as they don't axe BBC4...

 09:11:32  -  RT @OliBarrett: According to The Bookseller, there are 987 independent bookshops left in the UK. Here's a map of those in London; http://t.…

 09:09:26  -  @EMTrains It was the 23.15 from StP. Looks like all services were up the spout because of the Bedford problems, though

 08:57:16  -  Lent is when Christians give up something. Like chocolate. Lent is when I give up the idea of being Christian,coz I can't give up chocolate!

 01:48:56  -  For @glyn_dk , amongst others...

 00:50:58  -  .@DebbieGibson @pennjillette OMG! That really is _THE_ Debbie Gibson!!! Excuse me one moment while I squeeeee :)

 00:38:41  -  Ouch (part 4)! At least I don't have work tomorrow... oh... wait.. I do... :( p.s. Dear boss, I have a fridge of caffeine that'll help :)

 00:37:21  -  Ouch (part 3)! Then @EMTrains gets stuck behind slow @FirstCC so I'm back so late I need a taxi-but the fare's double because of the time:(

 00:36:28  -  Ouch (part 2)! Then @EMTrains is full of double-booked reservations - cue an hour of drunken football fans blocking the aisle, and arguing.

 00:35:13  -  Ouch (part 1)! First, #LiverpoolStreetStation sell me a ticket that doesn't go from the station. (p.s. @nationalrailenq sort it out!)

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

 11:33:58  -  Upside: I returned the found house keys to their owner. Downside: I was only able to do so because they put their address on the key ring!

Monday 3rd of March 2014

 15:12:01  -  @DavidFungUK It's so tempting to retweet the retweet-retweet :)

 15:08:43  -  @FromBedrooms 10 PRINT "Check your email!": GOTO 10

 10:14:49  -  First task of the day: find something that isn't there. #notaseasyasitlooks

Sunday 2nd of March 2014

 12:35:09  -  RT @DavidFungUK: Cool, follow my 'geeky' magician/coder friend RT:@MarquisdeGeek The Sunday lunch-time deviation: #FlappyBird in #lego http…

 12:27:01  -  The Sunday lunch-time deviation - #FlappyBird in #lego I had intended to build motion with #mindstorms, but no time http://t.co/d1NsrrQ5qi

Saturday 1st of March 2014

 20:07:55  -  Wow! @SarahMillican75 is trending... alas... not in a good :(

 19:11:32  -  The ratio of Hotmail saying "We can't connect to Outlook at the moment" vs Google saying "We can't connect to Gmail" is staggeringly biased!

 18:54:30  -  @MarmiteJunction Don't worry about it... embrace it...

 17:46:55  -  I took a (late) lunch to watch 'The Untouchables'.The irony of drinking a beer whilst watching prohibition-based film is not lost! #notirony

Friday 28th of February 2014

 20:14:26  -  So, if you were the last living creature left alive, how long before you go crazy, starve, or try suicide? #gedanken #fridaynightandworking

 12:37:49  -  On the Internet, there's a fine line between "everything that can exist, does" and "anything that could exist, shouldn't" #mashupfatigue

 09:30:27  -  Changing the definition of SaaS to Spooks-as-a-Service is kind of appealing...

Thursday 27th of February 2014

 19:44:29  -  @eaglejon19 @3_Beards I've had a beard for the last 16 years. So, what does it mean by the word 'return'... it never went away!

 19:33:01  -  My TODO list has 'Rewatch The Prestige' on it. This actually counts as research, in my capacity as magician. I love having so many 'jobs' :)

 14:36:48  -  I actually wanted to make a pithy quote about 'On a different level, #Wolfram is on a different level'... but 140 characters aren't enough:(

 14:35:41  -  On one level the #Wolfram language is symbolic programming with a great library & data set. On the other, it's epic! https://t.co/BiQ1a30fUF

 11:42:13  -  OH: The film "her" is just a chick flick. They include the words 'operating system' to trick the boyfriends into going along.

Tuesday 25th of February 2014

 15:35:47  -  Missing 1 tick box on a config panel means I have to manually re-tick it on all 79 entries-even though the UI implies it's a global option:(

 08:48:23  -  Met lots of friends, old and new, last night at BUGS. Big love to Bafta for hosting it, too!

 08:44:32  -  @OliBarrett Shouldn't that be 'tea and a Jaffa biscuit'? ;)

 08:39:28  -  @stuherbert Doesn't really. I just like the idea! (That said, the initial hatred of iOS 7 has died down now, it seems.)

 08:34:21  -  I wonder if Apple's SSL bug was a ploy to get everyone upgrading to iOS 7 #cynical #ConspiracyTheories

 01:20:04  -  Egon. Gone.

 00:19:30  -  @_lemon or maybe they're not worthy to know ;)

 14:10 UTC  -  Since everyone has posted someone else's 'Luke/Vader' light switch, I'm posting a picture of the one I made for myself. With bonus iconography.

 00:19 UTC  -  Egon. Gone.

Monday 24th of February 2014

 17:05:50  -  RT @betsyweber: Good advice: RT @Inc: Two kinds of questions to ask earlier and more often in innovative projects: http://t.co/oN8WVM8Vvx …

 15:47:21  -  RT @IntelSoftware: say hi to our developer program for the Internet of Things #IoT #IntelDZ http://t.co/QCg3VkP1HU http://t.co/ACJwlY72jq

 15:26:04  -  @_lemon Miss you?!?! I will actively seek you out :)

 13:28:37  -  @MarmiteJunction The reason is this, https://t.co/CUZWuAn0jQ, surely!

 12:48:55  -  @MarmiteJunction It might be documented, but that doesn't prove people are going to bother reading it. Or learning from it.

 11:39:55  -  @betsyweber @FastCompany Magicians being worshipped like film stars is something I can, obviously, relate to ;)

 11:00:01  -  @TheRealJackDee Although rail companies are suggesting you make unnecessary journeys if possible.

 10:29:50  -  Tonight's industry shindig is entitled ''How can the UK become a top 3 games maker again?" At least I get to visit #bafta HQ again.

Sunday 23rd of February 2014

 15:07:54  -  Don't phishers bother with spell check, any more? "Confirmation of your Accont" At least it's not the worst letter they could have omitted!

 14:32:45  -  It's pleasing to see that the BBC article on Ian McNaught-Davis has so many nice comments :) http://t.co/jkhtA7y0T2

 11:01:06  -  I'm emotionally, physically, and mentally drained after a frantic week. So I'm doing the only thing that uses no brains-project management;)

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

 13:42:50  -  When (and why) did 'self portrait' get shortened to 'selfie'? Is 'self portrait' really that difficult to spell?

 12:21:05  -  The #FOSDEM write-up has references to @teabass and @ThreeUKSupport - guess which is more favourably mentioned!

Friday 21st of February 2014

 16:42:07  -  I was going to find a duster to clean my speakers... but instead I put on Queen and turned it up to 11 :)

 14:30:34  -  Earlier in Feb I went to Brussels for #FOSDEM. The write-up is now done. It's mostly about beer! @fosdem please RT! http://t.co/RkfmI18pNQ

 00:31:16  -  @davorg Makes me think of ebay and it's myriad 0.01 products... but with 25.00 postage ;(

 07:00 UTC  -  Earlier this month I went to Brussels for FOSDEM, an open source conference. I've now completed the write-up. That doesn't feature much of Brussels. Or FOSDEM. Or the conference. But detailing the drinking, eating, and general debauchery of that weekend! :) http://marquisdegeek.com/words_fosdem_2014.php

Thursday 20th of February 2014

 15:31:23  -  If @BrianActon was rejected by Twitter+Facebook, and I've been rejected by them ...and Google, for how many billions can I sell my company?

 10:54:45  -  I'm presuming the literal word _for_ meaning 'as a normal employee', since the CxO will probably work with as many startups as they can.

 10:52:42  -  OH: If you're smart you only ever work for one successful #startup. Either you cash in and retire, or your boss does.

Wednesday 19th of February 2014

 15:57:40  -  I am working, standing up, holding an iPad, wearing braces, with a bushy beard... Am I now a hipster?

 11:36:15  -  @barbaracassani does the plaster make you look like Adam Ant, circa 1981? If so.... Go for It!

 10:57:31  -  RT @Lottiedexter: How Year of Code is championing all the great organisations teaching code: http://t.co/36Io3bvNaV @ukcoding

 10:52:45  -  RT @rjw1: i still aspire to be a cyborg time traveling pirate ninja monkey

Tuesday 18th of February 2014

 10:09:46  -  Over the years I've been demoted from 'software engineer', to 'programmer', to 'coder'... all due to the bastardization of the nomenclature.

 09:10 UTC  -  Over the years I've been demoted from 'software engineer', to 'programmer', to 'coder'... all due to the bastardization of the nomenclature. #grumpy

Monday 17th of February 2014

 22:20:22  -  @palfrey return true;

 22:18:24  -  RT @OpenRightsGroup: Stefan Magdalinski just launched a new site at the ORG London meet-up for easily opting out of care.data... by fax. ht…

 13:46:57  -  I know I'm a geek, but having the autocorrect 'fix' the word 'end' with 'NAND' is just daft...

 12:40:55  -  RT @dick_taylor: My Taylor's 10 Test for UK VC/PEs who think education/edtech is hot & want to invest http://t.co/jUudG9ZY2D #edtech #ventu…

Sunday 16th of February 2014

 14:21:29  -  "If you can hear this whispering you are dying." - I'd never heard that line until today. I wonder if that's significant...

 13:36:24  -  Is it coincidence that my code is better, smarter, and more creative when I listen to The Doors? #playingmykeyboardlikeakeyboard #Manzarek

 13:21 UTC  -  "If you can hear this whispering you are dying." - I'd never heard that line until today. I wonder if that's significant...

Saturday 15th of February 2014

 14:57:34  -  @simonpegg You can pop around, if you like, and we'll build Geneva out of LEGO! :)

 14:54:14  -  I have impressed myself by seeing how well thought out and structured this part of the code is! I'm expecting a big fall in 3.. 2.. 1...

 14:22:24  -  Top marks to @VanishingInc - $1 for the Ammar was good, but handling my d/l issues were better! (tho' ate any profit they might have earned)

 11:38:11  -  RT @tomaszmiklas: http://t.co/9RgFtzTrNN hacked again... wait, what? They STILL store passwords in plain text? #WTF /via The Guardian

 11:36:23  -  @davorg As opposed to any other morning, when it's also overrun with idiots ;(

 11:35:10  -  RT @OhLottie: Passwords leaked on live TV as UK responds to flood emergency via @zite http://t.co/5BQMys68wQ

 00:28:45  -  @marthasadie and... Is it brilliant, or are you wrong? ;)

Friday 14th of February 2014

 15:54:56  -  @PaulBattison .. robotic hands, working record players, computer cases, quadcopters, tie clips, chess sets, jigsaws, impossible objects etc

 15:53:12  -  @PaulBattison I'm sure they never considered LEGO as USB sticks, life-size sculptures, portraits, working hot rods, key racks, 3D printers..

 15:51:22  -  @PaulBattison It's truly creatively toy with more emergent fields of play than its original inventor(s) never considered. #LEGO

 15:09:12  -  @WASandDAlex @weefz Hello! I run http://t.co/z584uDFmLu, and <3 all things LEGO :) http://t.co/VRQAlBO972

 13:42:02  -  while(roses() == red) {

 11:21:40  -  Most backwards poems make no sense

 11:16:02  -  Roses are red

 11:03:04  -  @Charlotteis You're lucky! A previous building admin decided that 10am on Monday was a good idea... Then I decided to start work at 10.30 :)

 09:46:40  -  @xmjw I'm waiting for the hosepipe ban they announce next Tuesday...

 09:40:28  -  @thebeebs So _that_ was you! I saw it mentioned elsewhere on the twittersphere and thought 'who on earth would do that..' Makes sense now :)

Thursday 13th of February 2014

 17:05:15  -  Expected BUGS Game Criteria

 17:01:57  -  @ID_AA_Carmack From a console view,GPL/LGPL are incompatible with NDAs.And most game code is hacky-you'd rewrite anything GPL before release

 16:58:28  -  @ID_AA_Carmack The game libraries under the GPL helped many devs understand what constituted an engine, which helped me find better hires.

 16:56:25  -  @0xabad1dea @ID_AA_Carmack The art assets wouldn't come under the GPL, only the source code. All assets would have their own copyright.

 15:17:42  -  Tail metacomposition is cool. #mlocjs Guillaume Lathoud rocks!

 15:15:47  -  @evankirstel @MailOnline Want! Here's the killer app-I can find out the details of the half-wit stealing my armrest, then flood his email :)

 15:00:55  -  .@frankieboyle Except that Scotland and England have 4 letters in common, oil and water have none. #shouldhavebeenonqi

 14:52:13  -  @brett7three @MarmiteJunction @FundersFounders @BeACofounder While-Wend??!? I'd have thought anyone using VB in 2014 wouldn't succeed <gd&r>

 14:43:44  -  @glynwintle @DPD_UK I can track their van on a map, notice when the icon doesn't move, and zoom in to get the road and house number.

 14:41:16  -  Thanks to #mlocjs I've learned that what I've been building is called 'managed evaluation' :)

 13:23:08  -  RT @brett7three: How to start a Start-up #startups cc: @FundersFounders #livingthedream http://t.co/PC9bin0DL5 RT @BeACofounder

 13:22:12  -  @barbaracassani @mlocjs Would you like me to add a reminder in my calendar for you? :)

 12:54:25  -  That said, I can use @DPD_UK tracking to find the address of the other 62 deliveries this morning. @glynwintle - is that a privacy issue?

 12:52:50  -  Monitor arrived at 12'45 - just inside time frame. Kudos to @DPD_UK for first decent delivery this year! Plus good on-line tracking system.

 11:55:39  -  @TonyTimes2 @almurray @theollyjones @_youhadonejob 'Twas on the Monday morning, the gas man came to call... :)

 11:46:14  -  "Your order will be delivered today between 11:51-12:51". Really? The clock starts now..

 11:31:42  -  'Foreign languages tend to wax and wane...the language du jour is computer code'-but which is the right computer lang?http://t.co/RY0tLI0Bpo

 11:06:36  -  With every new web site wanting to teach coding, I'm expecting the next to be called 'Squarely Boxify Programmrs'!

 09:35:43  -  Hi @ukcoding I've sent details by email to @Lottiedexter Hope to hear from you soon!

 09:30:53  -  @OptimusEd @bartoneducation That hashtag has upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation... it could almost be a password!

 08:41:19  -  RT @rodneyhickman: Installed a native iPad application without a Mac today!! Using #Telerik AppBuilder and iTunes I Built, Tested and Deplo…

Wednesday 12th of February 2014

 22:33:34  -  RT @gamesbrief: I can't verify the truth of this open letter, but if it is true, it is pretty poor behaviour from King http://t.co/NHeNTnhg…

 12:48:59  -  My feed is a mix of storm warnings about the weather and storm warnings about the Year of Code. It's nearly 1, so I expect food pr0n soon :)

 12:40:02  -  RT @ukcoding: Great to have new advisors @scoutu @ianfordham @conradwolfram @inthecompanyof on board for the Year of Code.

 12:27:10  -  Note to self: using return instead of break in a loop is usually a bad thing...

 11:13:35  -  If you've heard of Ian McNaught Davis then:

 09:02:48  -  @peteskomoroch @Marsee The one on the left looks a little short to be a stormtrooper ;(

Tuesday 11th of February 2014

 19:09:14  -  For those that think magic is all camera tricks, this will prove you... er... wrong... ;) https://t.co/aGOmEocDsp

 18:40:26  -  What is the point of a square monitor that can pivot between portrait and landscape? Aren't they the same thing when the monitor's square?

 15:15:08  -  RT @jwgoerlich: QotD RT @aloria: "First they came for the wget users-- and I did not speak out, because I use cURL..."

 15:13:15  -  @iotwatch This is the approach I took with Minerva and others since at least 2003.Unfortunately,they all suffer from https://t.co/26L3aejBfE

 14:59:13  -  @dthoreau Did they also ask you to relocate, as well?

 13:55:17  -  @HuffPostUK Until I saw the picture I thought you meant Bob Crow, the RMT boss that's been holding London to ransom, recently ;(

 13:53:07  -  Does anyone know how to:

 11:36:14  -  If everyone uses #stopspying then:

Monday 10th of February 2014

 18:04:02  -  

 19:45:14  -  I think everything, file/migration/script should store file hash. That will stop ne1 changing the files after a deploy/migration w/o err'ing

 19:41:13  -  @tmesis I have to run soon after the talk, so I probably won't manage the pub :(

 19:24:34  -  @Charlotteis if that was lrug, I cheated and went to the talk upstairs!

 12:10:02  -  I keep having to 'delete node' through Chrome's dev tools when an extension breaks the DOM. How long will it be before I fix their bugs?

 11:37:04  -  Have I discovered a massive cheat of doing a month of work in a couple of days... er... looks like 'computer says no' #soclose #sofar

 11:09:34  -  I'll be at @lrug tonight. If anyone's looking for work, ask me nicely and I might be able to find you something! #imnotarecruiter

 11:00:20  -  @pricivius Yes - my argument was that we shouldn't discourage free or freemium for indies and the trying out of stuff.

 10:59:38  -  @pricivius Agreed. DK being freemium is similar to when EA appropriated the 'humble bundle' - it's not meant for that purpose.

 10:46:55  -  @IamXERO There's so many wannabe-cloners out there (http://t.co/vBU5lea0VS) you could just sell the code and let them provide gfx.

 10:22:39  -  RT @RaveofRavendale: A year ago, Obama called for research into video game violence. Today I've discovered that nothing came out of it htt…

 10:15:57  -  @pricivius @MacworldUK @techadvisor I fear that in killing freemium fewer devs will set up a company (& file accounts) just to test an idea

Sunday 9th of February 2014

 23:30:07  -  RT @ValaAfshar: Talented employees stay because they are:

 13:29:49  -  

 15:16:09  -  The bullet points for my new lecture on recruitment in the tech industry are now complete... after reviewing 100 pages of notes! #breaktime

 14:53:49  -  RT @themysticring: Club programme updated: http://t.co/YxZguBEo40. Membership is open to all magicians from 14 to 114 with a proven passion…

 11:45:28  -  @tonyparkin @sophiebessemer @OhLottie What's next is learning from the mistakes thus far, fix them, and move on. Surely?

 11:40:57  -  Maths question-I marinade 600g of beef in 300ml of beer for 5 hrs.The bottle contains 750ml.How much beer will remain by the time its ready?

 10:51:55  -  @mildlydiverting @billt But aren't they "subverting the genre", too? ;)

 00:35:57  -  @hubmum Sorry-I thought I saw your name on http://t.co/SxIJkIsz0F which didn't make sense, given the article. But then I saw a later tweet.

Saturday 8th of February 2014

 23:58:51  -  @madebyluke The headlines can't be fixed, but knowing its on buzzfeed you can scrape the content, follow the links, then build new page

 23:56:45  -  @hubmum Er... didn't I see your name on the web page? #confused

 23:38:59  -  @madebyluke Ever thought of writing a Chrome extension/Greasemoney script to fix it?

 23:29:53  -  I've just discovered that my mouse wheel can scroll through the document in vi. #mindblown

Friday 7th of February 2014

 18:27:51  -  @virginmedia yep, bettet thanks

 17:17:41  -  @ukcoding Love to, but I can't DM to a Twitter account that doesn't follow me. I can email details to Lottie directly, if you prefer.

 15:13:32  -  @PerfectPintUK That one on the left... it's... so... er.... #nowords

 15:08:40  -  Does anyone know why @STEMNET @ukcoding aren't partnering in the #YearofCode initiative? #willingtohelp

 11:16:14  -  "Magic is a powerful art that can support a weak performer" - Ricky Jay

 09:58:32  -  RT @tommorris: Would love @ukcoding to explain why so few of their advisers actually have a background in coding. http://t.co/OWIO6NuNed

Thursday 6th of February 2014

 12:52:44  -  I like the latest open source vehicle (http://t.co/Pgf1hgKUfy) but classing 'wheels' as an optional extra is taking the metaphor too far!

 01:20:02  -  If posting "22 Messages From Creationists" Shh! To prove big bang theory,look at Kaley Cuoco..no deity could created any woman so perfect!

 01:14:04  -  @virginmedia Yep - sorted itself out about 00:19. Was that a long outtage, or did something mega-bad happen?

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

 18:35:09  -  I hope teh interwebs are back working when i get home as i have work to submit. @virginmedia im looking at you! Perm fail for last 2hrs :(

 15:14:01  -  @antonyjohnston @otfrom If only more politicians would steal good ideas, rather than pushing bad ideas in which they have personal interests

 15:08:39  -  @bryns You had me surprised until 'EA' ;(

 13:58:55  -  @HuffPostUK Ironically,without trains, the #tubestrike will ensure there are fewer accidents than usual-proving the case to cut staff of 20%

 13:56:41  -  Ironically, without trains, the #tubestrike will ensure there are fewer accidents than usual and thereby prove the case to cut staff of 20%

 13:50:30  -  @barbaracassani I got the album yrs ago-you went to a record shop (remember them?),used money (remember that?),and got a CD (remember them?)

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

 19:41:12  -  @SarahMillican75 yes... We've washed all the bits you'll see ;)

 12:23:56  -  @IntEngineering At least it'll stop people stumbling, slightly drunk, to get another can of beer from the fridge... :)

 11:31:34  -  Went to see The Hunger Games.

Monday 3rd of February 2014

 23:46:35  -  â€ś@R_Lemahieu @MarquisdeGeek very enthousiastic talk. I liked it!”

 20:19:01  -  â€ś@gbgallus @MarquisdeGeek explains how to play music with Arduino. The fun of #fosdem”

 20:18:46  -  â€ś@JVanroose Enthousiastic talk from @MarquisdeGeek #Fosdem”

 20:18:33  -  â€ś@enneff @MarquisdeGeek re microcontroller music, you should check this out: http://t.co/K8rq9uRAAd”

 16:32:26  -  @rnalexander @tomscott And castles in the rear view mirror, may appear closer than they are.

 16:31:27  -  I managed to transport a small section of the beer shop home with me :) #fosdem #beer #nom http://t.co/xQU4CBDu4P

 16:21:10  -  More stories about @PayPal and @GoDaddy helping @n lose his account.A better phrase is:How @PayPal and @GoDaddy aided+abetted in theft of @n

 16:11:01  -  @llamasoft_ox Also consider Poème symphonique by György Ligeti.

 11:43:48  -  My random music player just played Emilie Chytraeus and transported me back to a random night in Bethnal Green, many years ago... wow...

 09:17:33  -  Sorry @lcfpl I'd lost connectivity and didn't see the msg until now :( FWIW, I default to Delerium Cafe, and then move to quieter pubs after

Sunday 2nd of February 2014

 23:03:22  -  Finally made it home after an exhausting #fosdem. Thank you everyone! See you next year...

 15:46:48  -  I have no idea why (or how) I'm still awake, but I made it thru the last #fosdem talk... Without hurting the muppet that talk during q&a :(

 15:04:27  -  @thebeebs I think the answer you're looking for is "very well, thank you" :)

 15:01:35  -  I've been learning cheese and wine pairing from @josetteg ... One of huge less usual tutorials at #fosdem :)

 14:10:06  -  I really like the idea of suffixing data types with dimensions to describe units. E.g. Int16/m/ distance; could be done with classes,I guess

 14:04:34  -  @jkg And you decided to waste even -more- time by posting that on twitter... ;)

 13:11:15  -  Saying that something is "incredibly nerdy" is a good thing. I like the guy already :) #go #fosdem

 12:02:06  -  Why -wouldn't- everyone want to hear a talk about a 'fluksokube' ??!?! #fosdem #IoT

 11:30:27  -  @ThreeUKSupport *can't

 11:04:56  -  Goode morning #fosdem I am in you!

 11:04:31  -  @ThreeUKSupport I can dm you, since you're not following me...

Saturday 1st of February 2014

 18:02:42  -  Good night #fosdem. Thanks for a great day...I'm now off to the pub :) you're all welcome to join me!

 16:55:06  -  @malditogeek thanks for your talk at #fosdem lots of links for me to explore.Do you know which ports are used? Or how do you determine them?

 16:42:18  -  @mrlockyer use three slashes, instead often of two, and it'll work!

 15:44:49  -  @Montberte but almost everything makes me angry. Is that a good thing?

 15:43:28  -  @AxSaucedo is that #fosdem?

 15:42:13  -  Note to self: look into swagger, for REST APIs.

 15:40:24  -  Cloudius has API based configuration. Yes please! #fosdem2104

 15:20:33  -  Waiting for the osv talk by @penberg ... Convinced it should be renamed "I, cloudius", however :)

 14:39:36  -  I want this note book :) #Fosdem2014 #LEGO http://t.co/NR3bCW384v

 14:34:26  -  P.s. Thanks @natmorris for coming to my talk, sorry I didn't get time to say hi. Beer later?

 14:08:58  -  RT @gbgallus: @MarquisdeGeek explains how to play music with Arduino. The fun of #fosdem

 14:08:46  -  RT @JVanroose: Enthousiastic talk from @MarquisdeGeek #Fosdem

 14:08:40  -  RT @R_Lemahieu: @MarquisdeGeek very enthousiastic talk. I liked it!

 14:08:27  -  @JVanroose how could I not be enthusiastic..? I'm at the best open source conference in the world!:)

 14:07:54  -  @enneff will do. Thank you!

 14:07:24  -  Thank you everyone at #fosdem who came to my talk on Armstrong-music on the arduino. Special thanks to those that laughed I the. Rig places!

 14:06:16  -  Talk over. Time for beer. Oh..wait... I was drinking on stage :) never mind....Time for more beer, coz it would be rude not to. #Fosdem2014

 12:31:28  -  Lightning talk on entangle is inspiring me to take up astrophotography... Not that I need a new hobby! #Fosdem2014

 11:35:07  -  Being told to 'make more awesome' at #fosdem. Ok... Will :)

 11:20:37  -  Only 80 minutes until my #fosdem talk. Yay!

 11:20:08  -  P.s. If @ThreeUKSupport could tell me why they switched off my phone roaming (then put it back) it'd be appreciated!

Friday 31st of January 2014

 09:26:35  -  My journey to @fosdem starts here... First the train... Then the pub. #nothingchanges #fosdem

Thursday 30th of January 2014

 17:59:44  -  @MarquisdeGeek And by 'magic room' I mean, the room in which I store +practice magic. Not a room that is literally 'magic'..that'd be silly!

 17:56:16  -  I put a motion sensor in my magic room, and added a #hue light. When I enter it switches on..waits..then turns random colours til I leave :)

 16:49:03  -  In 24 hours I should be in Brussels for @fosdem For those that want to remember last year, here's my diary http://t.co/kTk2nYWHWI #fosdem

 16:48:15  -  @teabass I thought I recognised your name on the schedule :)

 13:11:55  -  @PerfectPintUK Is there any 'Radar Love' for Golden Ale-ring? Kölsch Crimson? Or AC/DC's Highway to Helles?

 13:09:07  -  @PerfectPintUK For other efforts, see http://t.co/a4MSg6r9ZD

 11:23:38  -  The music biz made 0 from 2nd hand CDs.I bought 100s!Now I get nostalgia off YouTube.With 4 ads/song they're earning more from me than ever!

 11:10:46  -  Dear #Twitter, if you think the discover channel is 'tailored' to me, but you included stories about Kim Kardashian, then it isn't! #badai

 10:35:09  -  Try to beat me! My Ruzzle username is 'steev7'. @ruzzlegame #ruzzle http://t.co/LJZ3IY4ljp

Wednesday 29th of January 2014

 21:11:29  -  @Charlotteis Or, to put it another way... it's magic ;)

 20:40:19  -  @Charlotteis MS13E motion sensor sends RF to TM13 which puts X10 msg on power line,that CM11 intercepts,which I then poll & call Festival.

 20:07:35  -  My computer now says 'Hi' when I walk into the room :) Finally excited about coding the next bit... #iot #minerva

 19:44:54  -  RT @WayraUnLtd: 1, 2, 3.... 8, 9, 10 - we Know Maths! Now @thirdspacetweet are up, last but not least. Go Tom! #socent http://t.co/J78mQTBo…

 19:03:14  -  RT @WayraUnLtd: First up after the break is @DNADigest - a different kind of code for our tech accelerator - #socent http://t.co/RwvelvgvsX

 19:00:53  -  Writing code that works from MS13E #X10 messages is slow work, since there's a minimum one minute delay. #iot #homeautomation #minerva

 10:19:29  -  Just because the website/app/game costs zero, doesn't mean the effort is zero. And therefore the wages must not be zero. #dontworkforfree

 10:15:51  -  @YourSinclairRRY What about Sinclair Programs? Or Sinclair Projects?

Tuesday 28th of January 2014

 11:20:54  -  Thank you to those that created a WiFi hotspot called 'RestrictedAccess'... and made it open... means I don't need to expose my phone# to O2

 08:24:24  -  Just received an invite to #BUGS. And it wasn't spam. This isn't the game the industry normally works ;)

 08:22:39  -  @agAitcheson @gamasutra I can't comment as it's not a game I'm overly familiar with. Given the timeframe, though, I bet it's not DC-related!

 08:16:13  -  @agAitcheson @gamasutra Of consumers not loving the exclusivity with DC? Or of key staff leaving to other roles? Very likely a combo of both

 08:12:54  -  @freetronics @vk5fj Dang! Someone beat me to it :( [Although I was doing it in Javascript, tbh]

 08:00:13  -  @adafruit Or this, http://t.co/c5ZEvFyv7L, surely?

 07:45:45  -  @agAitcheson @gamasutra Looks more like franchises 'losing their charm' (to quote the article) than Sega doing anything specifically wrong.

 07:42:53  -  @vk5fj The committee said 'Nom' :) Note to self: need to do a control when not ill, also!

Monday 27th of January 2014

 13:05:03  -  Is whisky a suitable medicine for a man-flu-sized head cold?

Sunday 26th of January 2014

 10:54 UTC  -  The Sunday Express, in conjunction with Operation Yewtree, are giving away Free pedometers today. This is so you can see how many steps you are away from a 70's TV star! http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/72527000/jpg/_72527360_starsun.jpg

Saturday 25th of January 2014

 09:35 UTC  -  I haven't taken Zimbio's [insert film or TV show here] quiz and I'm [still not interested in doing so]! Who are you (to judge)?

Thursday 23rd of January 2014

 17:24:20  -  @Lily_2point0 @luke_redroot @teabass How can I help?

 10:39:57  -  Hey - @WorkingMatt - how are getting along with the back palming of your business card? ;)

 10:13:17  -  I am apparently famous enough to have as ISNI! (No I didn't know what they were, either.) I'm 0000 0000 5044 9624, since you asked :)

 09:14 UTC  -  I am apparently famous enough to have as ISNI... (No I didn't know what they were, either!) I'm 0000 0000 5044 9624, since you asked :)

Wednesday 22nd of January 2014

 13:16:42  -  Fact of the day: @CandyCrushSaga is neither the first game to use the word 'candy', nor the best. http://t.co/iLz7I4uYVQ

 12:59:44  -  I love sweets. You could say I have a crush on candy. Well... you could... but I'd probably get sued :( #yourefilingthewrongtrademark

Tuesday 21st of January 2014

 10:48:22  -  RT @pfig: Hey, did you know there is a new @MarquisdeGeek has a new book out? http://t.co/RQ1DtBE84w

 08:38 UTC  -  When someone in the IoT/Home Automation business emails you that "wow I didn't know you had done Minerva" I could either be: 1) Cynical, about them wanting to use your name as leverage 2) Happy, that they think your name *is* leverage Today, I'm choosing the latter :)

Monday 20th of January 2014

 10:40:43  -  Employees leave office on Friday. They arrive back Monday. In between their company tech has been built & migrated by 2.5 people. Epic work!

Sunday 19th of January 2014

 12:25:45  -  Less than 10% of space free on all 5 of my drives! Do I prune, stop hoarding, and consider what I really need... or just buy more discs?

Saturday 18th of January 2014

 12:36:40  -  Note to self: don't take security cameras offline to save CPU. They'll get away with it again :( #subtweet

Friday 17th of January 2014

 23:09:41  -  The film 'Good copy, bad copy' is just like an episode of Bullshit! Would @pennjillette & @MrTeller film the links for me to remix into one?

 11:26:58  -  My new hard drive is for backups. My new hard drive is for backups. Ooops... there's only a few gig left on my normal disc... #tempting

 09:28:25  -  @Charlotteis But Blue Monday is an ecstatically great track!

Thursday 16th of January 2014

 23:04:05  -  There are very subtle differences between $* $@ "$*" and "$@" Getting them correct along the argument chain is necessary for good code #bash

 17:10:14  -  I've had a #recruiter asking forgiveness for their 'beige approach'... what is a 'beige approach'? Is it the new term for '#spam'?

 12:55:22  -  There are many lessons and stories about #digital #archaeology here's one about the #Cray that just crossed my desk http://t.co/EmWLtFeIRH

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

 16:17:46  -  Today I found and fixed 2 bugs in some Corona/Lua code - despite knowing neither. Common sense, FTW!

 10:26:12  -  RT @WiredUK: Google buys Nest for $3.2 billion http://t.co/Nzpvt5WzLi

Monday 13th of January 2014

 19:40:45  -  p.s. original article on the hack is at http://t.co/2CkiQGKoAg

 19:35:22  -  Hacked my #WDTV to start a telnet daemon. Poking around its innards is fun, but trying not to brick it!

Saturday 11th of January 2014

 20:13:43  -  RT @Dastardly_Pants: Despic-hay-ble http://t.co/2FP93NYXYP

Thursday 9th of January 2014

 12:20:24  -  When the free account functions better than the paid-for one, it might be time to start worrying. #amateurhour

Wednesday 8th of January 2014

 01:54:15  -  @barbaracassani -9

 01:53:19  -  But it should have been @HrefnaHelga , right? ;)

Tuesday 7th of January 2014

 11:00:46  -  The NSA don't need spy satellites - just put a group of LEGO builders in a room... they can spot at black 1x2 flat smooth brick at 50 paces!

Monday 6th of January 2014

 09:51:28  -  One of the (many) things accomplished this weekend was a new release of my home automation software, Minerva. http://t.co/ZPFalZ4vzi Yay!

 09:50:29  -  RT @richardosman: I have talked to all of your bosses. You can all have the day off!

Friday 3rd of January 2014

 17:50:41  -  sudo pkill X has been my friend today, despite losing some of my work :(

 12:13:13  -  For those wanting a repo for my privacy-focused Facebook status analyser (and couldn't click View-Source :) it's at https://t.co/MBsKUR1yGU

 09:07:03  -  My Mac went through 100% battery, in sleep mode, overnight. Now I have to restart all my apps #firstworldproblems #timewasting

Thursday 2nd of January 2014

 09:49:30  -  Of the two 'solutions' in #sherlock, the @DerrenBrown one can't be real, since he hadn't shaved his head 2 years ago when the fall happened!

Wednesday 1st of January 2014

 10:53:35  -  happy(++year);