Language of the C

  A thirteen part C programming course.

Data Driven Software

  Demonstrates the principles by implementing a 3DS loader and Open GL viewer.

Code Testing (with Dean Wilson)

  Software correctness explained by means of a free implementation of Lint.

UU encoding made simple


LaTeX Workshop (with Heike Jurzik)


Debugging with GDB


SDL Game Programming

  This five part tutorial covered the entire process of writing a game in SDL. I chose to write a clone of Manic Miner.

Fixed Point Processing

  An explanation and methods for implementing fixed point code, for use on embedded Linux systems, such the Arm.

Writing your own shell

  An article demonstrating how to create (and install) a simple multimedia control shell.

Video recording over email

  This piece later formed the basis of my presentation at Notcon '04.

Power tools - Screen




Bi-lingual Programming

  How to use the GPL gettext library to aid in localised development.